Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising gets PS3 Release Date

09/07/2009 14:17

It's understandable if your annoyed at Codemasters for twisting and turning the release date of the new Operation Flashpoint. But we're not. After all, the game is going to be the most realistic war game ever made.

At first, Codemasters posted the game on its Official Website for 'Summer 09' until we got in touch with a few retailers and they admitted that the game was set for a release of June 25. The game was then pulled back to 'Autumn 09' which did frustrate people. Now, we think the game has a solid release date. 25 September 2009 is the new release date on GAME and we also recieved an e-mail form the UK's leading game retailer who said that the game has now been moved to the 25th. Strangely though, the PC and 360 versions have not been given a solid release date according to the GAME wesite. Mark you calendars war fanatics! Dragon Rising is on the way.


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